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We design metal structures for buildings with various destinations. In this stage, the sizing and joining of the metal elements is performed, following the stability of the structure at the loads that appear during the whole life of the building.


Manufactures metal structures according to the projects received from the client or prepared by us. All products are CE marked, according to the EN1090 standard and fall into the EXC3 execution class.


We provide transport on site and installation of metal structures manufactured by us. We install any kind of medium or large size structure for industrial, civil, agricultural buildings.

Design of metal structures

Ruservo Constructii Metalice offers design services for metal structures in accordance with Romanian and European norms.

Since, in addition to design, we offer the complete package of services, including manufacturing and assembly, we are directly interested in the realization of metal structure projects with low material consumption and easy to execute, so that manufacturing and assembly costs are minimal.

In the design process we use high-performance programs that help us in three-dimensional modeling of structures.

Thus, in the manufacturing and assembly processes we can identify the position of all the parts that are part of the metal structure, which leads to an increased speed of execution.

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Manufacture of metal structures

The manufacture of metal structures is based on a well-established process, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO EN 1090 standard.

The production monitoring is performed by means of specialized software, so that the execution stage of the works is known at any time.

The manufacturing process involves the following steps:

  • receipt of materials and their qualitative verification and accompanying test certificates;
  • cutting metal bars, made with semi-automatic band saws, with a large cutting angle; drilling bars with drills up to 40 mm;
  • cutting metal plates with CNC machines with oxygen or plasma that ensure a fast, precise and clean cutting;
  • assembling all the parts cut into subassemblies, according to the execution project;
  • garment welding, performed by TUV authorized welders with MIG MAG welding machines;
  • checking the welds according to the execution class of the structure;
  • cleaning metal structures by blasting; applying corrosion protection using
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Transport and installation of metal structures

By collaborating with various transport companies, we ensure the delivery of component subassemblies of metal structures anywhere in Romania or Europe.

Depending on the size and weight of the delivered subassemblies, we use the usual trucks, trucks, or oversized trucks. The assembly is carried out with specialized personnel, under the careful guidance of the site manager, based on the assembly plan from the execution project.

The equipment used for assembly is chosen according to the specifics of the project and they can be:

  • telescopic handlers
  • self-erecting platforms, etc.

Special attention is paid to tightening the screws which are then checked with the torque wrench if they correspond to the project provisions.

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